What is CRM?

In eleven words: management, organization and control of the relationship between customers and company.

The concept of customer focus is one of the central elements of any business activity: the company must be able to figure out which target customer addresses, to study the best formulas to interest potential customers and maintain their loyalty in time.

A CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) enables companies to manage their business processes and in particular information and data that result from them.

With this approach, you can improve in a tangible way the efficiency of workflows and convert more leads into customers, while increasing the level of satisfaction and loyalty.

Because you have at a glance a complete overview of the relations between company and potential or acquired customers (eg sales opportunities in place, the status of orders, or invoices or open tickets with the customer care) , the company’s staff is able to better manage all relations with the outside.

The customer is the key player for the survival and success of a company, its true heritage.

CRM infografica

In this infographic Saleforce.com illustrates the benefits of CRM applications

Place the focus on the customer requires the ability to manage all the channels through which customers can get in touch with the company.

Technology is the tool that allows the company to be more efficient and effective in every interaction with buyers. Thanks to CRM you can automate, manage and integrate the activities of sales, marketing and customer service. In this context, CRM is a necessary step to implement a customer-focused strategy, and at the same time, to maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction does not come only from a happy shopping experience: the stages of pre-sales and post-sales are vital to the maintenance and expansion of the company’s customer base.

In this scenario, the adoption of a CRM is oriented to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Increase the total number of customers
  • Get faster and efficient access to all the information on them
  • Retain existing customers
  • Responsible for relations with the best customers
  • Develop relationships with prospects
  • Migrating from a conception of product orientation to a customer orientation

Every CRM project is a story in itself, as necessarily reflects all the processes that are active in the company; however its implementation is detectable in a standard sequence of actions that are typically regarded as critical factors in the success of the operation.

Here is the sequence of work steps:

  • Involvement of the company
  • Locating a project manager
  • Needs analysis
  • Definition of the action plan
  • CRM software selection
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Customization, implementation and installation of the CRM system
  • Basic training of the staff and management of the CRM system
  • Updating professional and advanced training of staff (optional)


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