Thirty-six for two hundred.

We are 36 passionate about CRM. We just do this, and we do it well.

We are the only CRM Company in Italy. Turn complexity into simplicity: this is our aim, through solutions that facilitate the management of business processes.

We package tailored to your company a useful tool to efficiently centralize information about your projects and your customers: share and track data at your disposal is the first step to develop successful relationships and grow your business.
This is confirmed by more than 200 projects in 10 years of business. Our experience cuts across different sectors: from insurance companies to big automotive players, from structured companies in the manufacturing sector to the banks, to the Public Administration.

We are SugarCRM Partners of the Year 2012 and the only Italian partner to have earned recognition SugarCRM Three-Star Award. From 2014, OpenSymbol is also one of the few Reseller Partner of

In Opensymbol are the people that make the difference. Different experiences, a single vision: technology at the service of the business.


Team OpenSymbol

Our PM / Sales team.

Sugar Platinum Partner

SugarCRM Three-Star Award Platinum Partner

SugarCRM partner since 2006, the first Gold Partner in Italy and awarded as Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2012; the awards won by SugarCRM consolidate OpenSymbol mission: helping customers create successful relationships.

OpenSymbol is the only Italian partner to have obtained the “SugarCRM Three-Star Award”, thus confirming its status as a leading partner in Italy. The award is a tribute to the commitment shown over the years of participation in the Partner Program of Sugar, the strategy for growth and investment based on the constant development of broad skills
in the field of CRM and success that OpenSymbol has helped to reach its customers. OpenSymbol supports companies in the definition of a customer-centric strategy that, with the implementation of SugarCRM, helps to achieve the goals of generating new leads, increase sales, improve customer service by strengthening their loyalty.
Sugar Platinum Partner

SugarCRM Partner of the Year 2011

April 26, 2012 in San Francisco (USA), OpenSymbol gets the recognition of “Partner of the Year”, as the best SugarCRM partner worldwide. At the same time, we become part of the Partner Advisory Board of SugarCRM.

The factors that led to the assignment of this award are: long-term experience in the implementation of SugarCRM, acquisition of new and important customers, focus on specific industries, loyalty of existing customers (100% of renewals), extraordinary growth compared to previous year (+ 300%) and active participation in events sponsored by SugarCRM.

Team OpenSymbol

The awarding of OpenSymbol as Partner of the Year 2011

Team OpenSymbol

Dreamforce Conference 2013, San Francisco

From 2014 Opensymbol is Reseller Partner of

Salesforce is undoubtedly the world leader in CRM solutions. Developed by Inc., considered by Forbes Magazine the most innovative company in the world, Salesforce is well known for a Cloud only approach to CRM. It is a platform for the complete management of all interactions happening with the current and potential customers, on every channel; the modular approach and the native integration with social and mobile application make Salesforce a solid and innovative solution.

What is CRM

A system of management, organization and control of the relationship between customer and company. Technology is the tool that allows the company to be more efficient and effective in every interaction with their customers. Vuoi saperne di più?


In Opensymbol are the people that make the difference. Different experiences, a single vision: technology at the service of the business. Each person in the team is committed to developing the best CRM solutions for every need. CRM is a team game! Here we are.


From large companies of banking and automotive sector to small and large excellence of the Italian system, since 2004 we have worked and are working with over 200 clients. Discover who they are.

If you are considering the possibility of adopting a CRM, maybe you have some question for us…